To better estimate your costs, first consider how many video cameras & operators you will need.

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depending on your approximate needs.

• Video Production rates are based on $100./hr. for each camera set-up and an operator. ($50./hr/ea.)
• Livestreaming computer setup and Technical Director also based on $100./hr
• Extras Options include (but not limited to) at approx. $100./day/ea.
  - Lights, Mics, PowerPoints & Laptop PC, Projector, Screen, Timer, Confidence Monitor & Loud Speakers.
• 4hr. minimum ~ accounts for 2hrs (min. set-up), 1hr (Breakdown) & 1hr Streaming Program.

• In other words, Take your program length (hrs.) and add a minimum of 3-more hrs to get your total hrs.

Contact Rich Tamayo, TVP LIVE Owner/Producer in Orange County, CA    (cell) 818-489-9653     (email)