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After careful research, we recommend two of these lights for your computer Selfie-Cam.*

• These iZell Ring-Light Desk Lamps come in two sizes and have long flexible goosenecks allowing any position.
• They easily clip onto the edge of any desk (behind your computer monitor).
• With three choices of light temperature and ten choices of brightness levels, these are sure to make you stand out from your background.
• Each lamp has 23 LED bulbs (drawing only 7 watts of power) and a built-in soft-filter to keep from developing any facial hot-spots.

These are available on Amazon at only $16.99 each for the 27.6" long versions.
If you have a smaller laptop, then try the shorter 15.8" versions for only 11.99 each.

Click on the picture link below for more details and ordering.
* iZell have no relation to TVP LIVE and we do not receive any incentives for referencing the product(s).

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