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Hardline Internet Connection Recommendation
Why our vMix system sometimes struggles with 'vMix-Call', when their own Zoom meetings appear to experience little problems.

Similar to Broadcast News Stations, we at TVP LIVE are producing a higher resolution program which requires a more robust internet signal than a typical Zoom meeting.

Zoom's standard resolution of 480p is lower than our vMix's 720p.
We also pre-record at even higher 1080p to be able to edit our program(s) and keep that "broadcast" feel.

Similar to Broadcast News Programs, we highly recommend that all remote speaking guests have their computers "hard-wired" with a CAT-6 Ethernet Cable from their Laptops to their Internet Router. WiFi to your PC is NOT recommended and often results in a substandard glitchy video.

A hardline Ethernet connection is easy to install and a 25 or 50 foot CAT-6 Ethernet cable can be found on Amazon for under $20.

* Installation Instructions:  
1. Order an appropriate size of CAT-6 from Amazon or purchase at a Best Buy stores.
2. Connect a hardwire CAT-6 Ethernet Cable to your laptop or desktop PC. 
3. Then connect the other end to either the WiFi Router, or to the Cable/Fiber/Satellite Modem Box. (If it has available output connectors) 
(use whichever box that is closest to your desired location and has an available output connector)

Note: The bright YELLOW cable is NOT the one to add or change. This particular cable is needed to stay as-is.  It is often Yellow to universally designate as main cable from Cable modem -to- WiFi router.
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