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About Us

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2002 - L.A. Area Emmy Award 
"Street Music LA"

Rich Tamayo is an award-winning Multi-Media Livestream Producer, with over 38 years of industry experience.

As a true visionary, Rich pioneered the innovative and creative 'One-Stop-Shop' approach, which served as the foundation

for his establishment of TVP Studios Inc. in 1985.

Driven by a deep passion for the art of livestreaming and a commitment to meeting client needs with utmost efficiency, Rich embraced the role of a Livestreaming Pioneer. In 2008, he offered his first Webcast services, becoming one of the industry's trailblazers. Today, Rich's TVP LIVE specializes in World-Wide-Web media networking through Live Switched, Multi-Camera Recording & Media Webcasting.

Due to the emergence of the Covid pandemic and the critical need for safety measures, Rich has shifted his focus from On-Location Livestreaming to Remote Webcasting for his clients. This unforeseen shift has proven to be a significant advantage

for everyone in the webinar business. By embracing remote production techniques akin to Zoom calls but with enhanced production value, Rich has introduced a win-win scenario for his Webcasting clients.  They can now achieve substantial cost savings by eliminating the need to fly in special guest speakers and rent expensive venues for live audiences.

With a keen eye for detail, creative talent, and expertise in Digital Cinematography & Photography, Rich ensures that every production delivered by TVP LIVE is not only professionally superior but also visually captivating. His unwavering dedication to excellence has earned him an Emmy award and continues to set the standard for quality in the industry.

• Some of our talented award winning production crew while on-location with TVP LIVE

Rich & Lore Livestream Unit 3 -
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We've had the honor of working with some of the industry's most talented professionals

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Tony Bennett                Erik Estrada               Penelope Cruz         CCDeVille "Poison"      Dean Jeffries        Dennis Haysbert     Dawn "MarryAnn"Wells   Nancy Odell

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George Barris                James Brolin       Keith Karradine       Jay Leno         Fred "Rerun" Berry           Cheech & Chong                  Debbie Rowe            Allan Thicke

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Kris Kristofferson        Sally Kirkland             Paul Casey & Lorenzo Lamas       Mandy Blank             Hanna Sellek &          Selena Gomez            My Favorite celebrity...

                                                                                                                                                               Adam Cromarty                                          my Father Ernest Tamayo

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