Terms and Conditions of Service

a. TVP LIVE (a subsidiary of TVP Studios Inc.) operates on a “first pay, first served” policy for our customers.

b. Clients who choose to pay a minimal 50% retainer will secure their event date on our Calendar over those who do not pay the (optional) retainer fee.   

c. If Livestreaming, (and we are using a Pay service such as Ustream or Livestream) you may choose not to have Commercial Ads,(optional) you are required to pre-pay a $100. Deposit directly to the online provider (Ustream / Livestream respectfully). This charge is based on the number of expected viewers -vs- streaming time watched and fees range on average from a minimum of $100. (on up depending on hours/viewers stats)  You can pay Ustream directly for this fee, or we (TVP LIVE) can place your credit card on file on your behalf.  If there is a remaining fee, your card will  be billed by Livestream/Ustream automatically after the event is completed.  

d. We cannot possibly foresee every instance of electronic abnormalities and/or artistic interpretation indifference(s), therefore we, (Rich Tamayo and/or any of his representing agents) working on TVP LIVE and TVP Studios Inc's  behalf shall not be held responsible for any and all claims (including damages) for any reason(s) and shall not be liable for any claimed amounts thereof.

e. In the unanticipated event that we experience catastrophic equipment failure, we will attempt to use our back-up equipment (if available) on a single-line Livestream and/or record in camera for archival purposes.

f. Client (herein) forfeits any down-payment paid, if client cancels our services for any reason, after a down-payment has been paid and processed by our bank.

g. Any returned check(s) and/or Credit-Card & PayPal payments stopped may be subject to twice the amount plus bank fees and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

h. It is solely the responsibility of the client listed in this invoice to fully understand our liability limitations listed herein.  In lieu of the client’s signature on this contract (stipulating full understanding and agreement to these terms), any begun or partial payments including down-payment(s) shall be considered as full understanding and binding of this agreement.

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